#LessNoiseMoreNews – No More Noisy Photography

‘My god, there is a war zone in the background.’

‘They take too many goddamn pictures.’

‘Holy f*ng s*t, who are the f*ng obnoxious retards taking those pictures. Take a f*ng picture. you don’t need f*ng 500.’

‘My goodness, with all the technology we’ve got and no one has yet invented a silent camera!!!!! The parties can barely speak and hear one another amidst the noise of the clicks!’

‘Don’t those cameras have a silent function? Sounds like Colombian drug lords are counting cash in there.’

‘2016 and we don’t have silent cameras.’

‘why are camera shutters so damn loud? this is 2016, all cameras should be silent.’

#LessNoiseMoreNews – No More Noisy Photography!

At every major meeting, we’ve come to expect the actual news to be obscured by the distraction of noisy camera shutters. People hate it. Every video has the same complaints underneath it. As video becomes more important than photography, this needs to be talked about.

Hundreds of photos are made that needn’t be, often of sedentary scenes, and as technology rapidly improves, this problem can be solved.

The noise is normally due to the mirror. Pro level cameras make more noise than more dampened cameras like the Pentax K1. But the issue is the mirror itself. ‘Silent’ modes on dSLR cameras aren’t silent at all.

Mirrorless Cameras

So we are grateful for the introduction of mirrorless cameras. They can photograph faster, and can do so completely silently.

You already know that your smartphone doesn’t need to make any noise when it makes a picture, but mirrorless cameras like the Sony a9, Fujifilm XT2 and Olympus OMD 1mk2 are all able to make photos without making noise.

They’re not right for all situations, but in the relatively controlled environments that we currently notice press photographers furiously clicking away, they will be fine.

‘He flashed me!’

Likewise flashes are distracting. And with the high ISO capabilities of modern cameras, they don’t need to be used as much either. If need be, a continuous light could be set up to provide all of the photographers with good light. It’s simple to do.

The technology is here. The industry has just been slow to adapt and adopt it. When you next hear a camera shutter, let them know that you want #LessNoiseMoreNews and share this video with them.

Together, we can usher in the future where we hear world leaders talking, not camera shutters clicking.


This video is meant to change attitudes and I’m not sponsored by Sony to make it. They just innovate fast and have created the right camera to make this change. It’s not the right camera for my genre so I don’t own it; the footage of the a9 is from PhotoRec. Here is his affiliate link if you want to support him if you buy a Sony camera.
https://bhpho.to/2oo4CB9 (your use of this link supports what (*he does) at Photorec.tv)