How To Get Popular on 500px; And The Huge Danger Of Doing So…

How to Get Popular on 500px – it’s become the best place to share photos and get inspiration. If people like and favourite your photo, it can rise to the top and become Popular. This is great publicity, and you can do it like this…

  1. Upload a portrait of a sexy girl, or a beautiful landscape in great light
  2. Post-process it in the style of photos that are already Popular on 500px
  3. Optional; include a personal story in the description and image tags. Include ‘Please Like and Fav because I love this shot!’
  1. Click on Discover/ Recent and open lots of photos in new tabs. Average or even bad photos are good choices.
  2. Open the profiles of the people who have ‘favourited’ or liked the photo in new tabs
  3. Follow each person, and like a couple of their photos, preferably ones that have meaning to them; family or pets. Write a two sentence comment on a few, using their name and ‘my friend’.
  4. Keep doing this until you get the score on your photo that you want.

This works;




Reciprocation is a powerful force. Try this once if you want, but there’s a bigger idea here to understand.


Nice photo, very popular; but not creative, and not Art.

Social feedback can destroy your photography. Especially online, people aren’t thinking. In blind comparisons, we always prefer the sweeter drink or saltier food. This gives us junk food; what is thoughtless feedback doing to your pictures?

Think about the great artists. They’re often not the most popular, because their best work is new, and people don’t like what’s unfamiliar. Imagine if Van Gogh had just painted for his audience instead of himself.

Instead, focus on creating art that moves you personally. Art is an expression of your uniqueness, set against the background of culture and the human condition. Create don’t copy, and keep working to make photos that you think are great.